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As a cartoonist, I’m in the business of making people happy. I can’t think of a better way to spend my days, can you? For years my characters only lived in their online comic world, but now I’m so excited to share them in their first full-length, full-color graphic novel, Middle School Misadventures.   


“Debut author Platt, creator of the web comic Mister & Me, relies on sparse backgrounds and elastic line work to direct the focus toward his characters’ often hyper-reactive states. The end result is a smooth-flowing Calvin and Hobbes–like school and family narrative that will keep readers enjoying both the gags and the plight of the fourth-wall-breaking protagonist—equal parts Walter Mitty and Dennis the Menace—all the way up to the grand finale.”
Publisher’s Weekly, January 2019

"This hilarious graphic novel is a great read for anyone in middle school or for adults who know someone that age."
School Library Connection

"Bill Watterson-flavored artwork in full color makes this adventure entertaining and approachable even to novice graphic novel readers, yet Platt's humor is refreshingly distinct in both text and image."